For Tonsils and Throat

Talking, singing and eating all depend on a healthy throat.  ENT doctors also specialize in managing diseases of the larynx (voice box) which is found in the throat as well. Damage to the larynx or esophagus (upper aero-digestive tract) can lead to voice or swallowing disorders.

Illu01_head_neckTonsil infections, tonsillitis, or throat infections are often caused by the bacteria strep, thus “strep throat,” but many other infections can affect the throat and the tonsils.

Diseases of the throat are a special interest of ENT doctors, and good hygiene, antibiotic medications and possibly even surgery can be done to relieve sufferers from these debilitating infections.

Large tonsils can cause snoring, night time noises and even respiratory (breathing) pauses in sleep (sleep apnea). This can lead to poor growth in children, night time bed wetting, and other difficulties with high blood pressure, and over time can even cause heart and lung difficulties.

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